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Gainesville City is comprised of 41.3% Latino population. Latinos in Hall County are largest minority living below poverty line, living in neighborhoods of 50% or more in poverty. 

People living in neighborhoods with high poverty levels suffer poorer health, higher rates of crime, poor performing schools, limited access to support networks  and job opportunities. 

Growing up in poverty threatens child development, impairs brain development, leads to poor academic cognitive and health outcomes.
Children who grow up in households with parents with low educational attainment or have not graduated High School have socioeconomic disadvantages, lower birth rate, health issues, are not school ready, have limited opportunities of education and employment as adults.

480 Volunteers 

Served 600 with Literacy services and English classes and prepared and helped 10 obtain an official GED 

Helped 1075 people connect with preventive Health screenings and community resources 

Helped educate 2800 in immigration education, referrals and services. 

Helped connect 500 families to local resources for basic needs.

Helped 2500 individuals access fruits and vegetables.

Helped 1750 access basic need supplies.

Helped educate and engage 1500 families on Census and Voter registration. 

4500 individuals were involved and engaged in community and cultural activities 


About Us


Our Board

Our amazing Board, team and volunteers are committed to improving the lives of our Latinos in Georgia. We open doors of opportunities and access for our families and children.  Think you would be a good fit? Get in touch for more information!


Our History

Hispanic Alliance GA was founded by Vanesa Sarazua, based on the needs she saw with Latino families and children in Hall County. Her service specifically focused on Latino families and children as an advocate in juvenile court through the CASA program and as a facilitator for the Migrant Education program in Hall County schools. Her passion for advocacy, social justice and social services specific to the Latino poor in Hall is the motivation behind programs and services to fill important gaps for the community. 


Our Mission

Improve the quality of life and provide opportunities for our Hispanic community through services , collaborations, and initiatives in education, health, financial stability, and immigration as well as highlighting the important contributions. 


Our Team

Our Work

Our Services

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events



ESL Workplace 

GED Fastrack Spanish 

Health Outreach 

Immigration Services 

Women Leadership Entrepreneur group 

Basic needs -bookbags, food, Christmas toys 

Civic Engagement and Census 

Youth Leadership Conference 

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events


February  Mujeres Emprendedoras GALA 

May 2 Día del Niño 

May 30th Annual Health Fair 

September 12 Latino Fest 

October Youth Leadership Conference 

December Toy Distribution 

                     Christmas Float 


Upcoming Events

ESL Workplace


Emilió Ángel,  a Native born Immigrant from El Salvador, obtained his GED in Spanish, with our Prep classes, in 5 months. He said this experience has helped him to see his future as a brighter opportunity in this Country. His dreams are to continue his Education, learn English and obtain better employment. 

ESL Workplace

Mujeres Emprendedoras

ESL Workplace


Juan Garcia took ESL Workplace by invitation of his employer. He improved communication skills, grammar, reading and writing as well as learn new skills that have helped him perform better at work and lead his coworkers better. 

Mujeres Emprendedoras

Mujeres Emprendedoras

Mujeres Emprendedoras


As a business owner, Nadia has found the support she needs to grow her business, increase her support and network with other entrepreneur women. The workshops help increase business and sales. 

Immigration Clinics

Mujeres Emprendedoras

Mujeres Emprendedoras


Maria’s mother was able to finally become a US Citizen through the help of a Citizenship Clinic. In less than 6 months after volunteers had helped fill out her application for free and send it in, she received her appointment for her interview. Thanks to HAGA for those clinics. 

Food Insecurity

Immigration Services

Immigration Services


Maria found herself in a position of having to support her children. We were able to help with temporary food and clothes until she found a job. Our Latinos are the largest minority living in poverty at 30%. 

Immigration Services

Immigration Services

Immigration Services


Obtaining legal status much more complicated than just filling out a form and each individual has unique circumstances that have to be considered and supported by qualified guidance from a qualified accredited Representative or Immigration Attorney.