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Diego Covarrubias

Vice Chair of Hispanic Alliance

Diego Covarrubias first arrived in Gainesville, GA in 2003, when he was 16 years old. Originally from Chicago, Illinois and son of Mexican immigrants, Diego now manages the very successful family business, Carniceria Tapatia.

Diego values hard work and giving your best as he understands building something from the ground up and making it successful. He leads a team of 25 people in his business that opens 7 days a week. Diego is also a dedicated family man, married and with children.

Diego is also a very generous man known in Gainesville for helping and participating in the community in all he can. Now as Vice Chair of the Executive Board of Directors of Hispanic Alliance GA, La Alianza, he brings to the table his strong business skills and his knowledge of the area and its people.

He wishes to be an active part of the Hispanic community and help the Hispanic community become a thriving, productive and actively engaged community, recognized for their many contributions in Gainesville.